Photo of the Month : to Be or not to Be a Fan ?

Photo taken during the game England – Italy on Sunday, 24th of June, 2012. (© Julie Klene)

Me transformerais-je en fan de foot?!?  Noooonnnn…  pas à ce point-là!  Mais j’ai vu les derniers matches de la Coupe d’Europe et me suis prise au jeu!  Bien que je n’y comprenne toujours pas forcément grand chose et que mon allégeance demeure au rugby (même si je n’y comprends davantage, je préfère nos soirées rugby-sushis avec mes chères compères, Marion et Johanna!).  Je dirais que c’est plutôt l’atmosphère autour de l’évènement qui l’emporte…

Résultat : le flou artistique quant au foot!  😉

Par contre, vivement les J.O.!


Am I becoming a fan of soccer?!?  Nooooo… not that much!  But I watched the last games of the Euro Cup and kinda got into it!  Although I still don’t understand everything and that my allegiance remains with rugby (even if I don’t understand better, I prefer our « rugby-sushis » evenings with my girlfriends, Marion and Johanna!).  I’d say it’s all more about the atmosphere around the whole gig that wins me over…

As for soccer itself, it all comes to be an artistic blur!  😉

On the other hand, here come the Olympics!


¿Me estoy volviendo una fanática de fútbol?  Nooooo… ¡no tanto!  Pero ví los últimos partidos de la EuroCopa y bueno, me quedó bien.  Aunque no entiendo todo y que mi juramento permanezca con el rugby (aunque tampoco entiendo todo pero me gustan más nuestras noches « rugby-sushis » con mis comadres, ¡Marion y Johanna!).  Diría que es más el tema del ambiante alrededor del evento que me pone en el humor del momento…

Para fútbol, ¡se acaba todo en un borroso artístico!  😉

Ni modos, ¡aqui llegan los Olímpicos!

7 commentaires sur “Photo of the Month : to Be or not to Be a Fan ?

  1. I agree…I’m trying to get into soccer, but I’m having a tough time! I wish Rugby were popular here in the US…your sushi-rugby nights sound like a blast–Cheers!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and comment! our rugby-sushi nights are actual blasts! we even do it separately if we’re not in the same city at the same time! but still share the fun! ha! want to join?
      Cheers to you and the next games!

        1. what a shame!!! but I think you’re right, it’s not a US sport… I don’t remember EVER seeing one there… surely, we can find other ways to relate! 😉 and share sushis nights all around the globe!

    1. Thanks! Didn’t to it on purpose though… sssshhhhhtt…
      In the Olympics, I’m a fan of water sports : diving, swimming… and all the running/jumping… and horseback-riding… and volleyball!… and… but I won’t have time to watch them all… I’ll just see what happens once in a while 😀


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