#30díasdeclicks – Week 2

Second week of Paco Suaste's photo challenge on Facebook, #30díasdeclicks.  It's been fun to look through my recent and not-so-recent archives to find the most suited pictures to the day's themes.  I hope you enjoy my ideas. Check out #30díasdeclicks on Facebook! [Es]  Es la segunda semana del reto foto de Paco Suaste, #30díasdeclicks on [...]

Fav’s of 2014

Fav’s of 2014

It's that time of the year again, looking back at what an incredible time we had all along 2014 and sharing the best of it all, because it's always so good to fondle good memories...  Remember that, this time, Raul and I wandered South America for 9 months before coming back to Europe after a [...]

Featuring Our New Best Friends from the Galapagos!

Introducing the cutest, loveliest, strangest, most beautiful bird we ever got to see: the Blue-Footed Booby! Aren't they just awesome?!?