Comme une Envie de repasser au Français…

Double rainbow, Paris, France(scroll down for the english version – vean al pie de página para la versión en español)

Entre la nouvelle présentation du blog proposée depuis fin 2017, le manque d’inspiration pour écrire ressenti il y a quelques semaines et l’envie de redonner à ma langue maternelle une place plus grande aujourd’hui, voilà peut-être la dernière touche qui me permettra de revenir plus souvent par ici jeter idées, coups de tête, envies, bonheurs, découvertes, inspiration…

Jusqu’à présent, certainement grâce au fait que l’anglais a tendance à nous rapprocher comme humains partageant une langue commune, mes lecteurs étaient principalement anglophones. Mes lectures également! J’adore l’anglais, ce n’est pourtant que ma 2ème langue, mais je la considère parfois comme la première, je pense parfois d’abord en anglais puis en français et par conséquent écris de la même manière.

Même si je suis à l’aise en anglais, ravie d’écrire, lire et parler dans cette langue, de connaître/rencontrer/découvrir toujours autant d’auteurs de blogs dans cette langue, je ressens maintenant le besoin de faire de même en français. Cela vient peut-être du fait de ma récente inscription sur Instagram où je découvre avec passion des blogueurs francophones qui me touchent tout particulièrement et me redonnent un goût plus prononcé aux joies de ma langue maternelle.

De plus, séjournant en France pour encore quelques mois, je ressens le besoin de partager en français d’abord. Alors, même si je ne vais pas tout changer par ici, je vais surfer sur la vague de ce sentiment…

Jusqu’à la prochaine saute d’humeur! 😉

Parlez-vous plusieurs langues? L’une d’entre elles prend-elle parfois le dessus sur les autres?


Between the new blog layout, the lack of inspiration to keep writing I’ve been feeling for the last few weeks and the need to give back to my mother tongue its rightful place today, this might be the final touch that will allow me to feel good in coming back here and keep sharing ideas, questioning, wishes, happiness, discoveries, inspiration…

Up until now, because of English allowing us to get close together in spite of different mother tongues, my readers have mainly been English-speaking. My readings too! I love speaking English, it is only my 2nd language, but it sometimes feels like the first, I sometimes first think and write in English before I do so in French.

In spite of my ability to speak, read and write easily in English, to meet/know/discover so many wonderful blog writers in this language, I now feel the need to do so in French more often. It might be coming from my registering not so long ago on Instagram and passionately discovering there French and French-speaking bloggers who move me and make me realize how much I can also play with the French language.

Furthermore, since I’ll still be living in France for a few more months, I feel the need to give French a bigger part here. So, even though I won’t change everything, I will take advantage of this feeling and play with it more…

Until I need to play with yet another language! 😉

Do you speak many languages? Does one sometimes take over the others?


Entre la nueva presentación del blog desde el final de 2017, la falta de inspiración para escribir acá que estoy sintiendo desde hace unas semanas y ahora la necesidad de darle un lugar más importante a mi primer idioma, siento que tal vez eso será la cosa que me permita volver a disfrutar del blog para compartir ideas, implusos, deseos, felicidad, descubrimientos, inspiración…

Hasta ahora, tal vez porque el inglés ayuda a sentirnos más cercanos unos de los otros compartiendo el mismo idioma, mis lectores hablan principalmente inglés. Y yo, leo mucho en inglés también. Me encanta el idioma y, a pesar de que sea mi 2ndo, a veces lo considero como el primero; a veces pienso y escribo primero en inglés antes de hacerlo en francés.

Aunque me siento a gusto en inglés, encantada de leer, pensar y escribir en este idioma, de conocer/encontrar/descubrir autores de blogs en este idioma, ahora también necesito hacerlo en francés. Tal vez vendrá de haberme registrado recién en Instragram donde descubro con mucha alegría y pasión autores que hablan francés; me conmueven particularmente y me dan ganas de volver a jugar más con mi primer idioma.

Además, como voy a seguir viviendo en Francia unos meses más, siento la necesidad de compartir lo que vivo, primero en francés. Tampoco significa que lo voy a cambiar todo por acá, solo que voy a jugar un poco más con la idea…

¡Hasta que me pique las ganas de jugar con otro ya! 😉

¿Hablan Uds. varios idiomas? También tienen uno que suplanta los demás de vez en cuando?

33 commentaires sur “Comme une Envie de repasser au Français…

  1. Tu as demandé: « Parlez-vous plusieurs langues? L’une d’entre elles prend-elle parfois le dessus sur les autres? »

    Oui je parle anglais, espagnol, portugais. Mes messages sont dans ces langues bien que ma langue maternelle soit le finnois. Je comprends aussi un peu l’allemand et le suédois.

    Le français est proche de mon coeur!

    Bonne journée à vous.

  2. I don’t mind if you switch to French 🙂 Go for it! I’ll still be following you, just reading a bit more slowly, hehee. 3 languages per blog post is a lot to keep up with! Maybe next time I’ll only read the French version, if that is what you’re concentrating on! 😀

    1. Thanks, darling! I’ll keep writing in those 3, ’cause I like it so much. French will be first, though, and titles… and maybe more, according to my moods… and I’m happy if you stick with me anyway! Yeah! 😆😆😆

  3. Juls, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I greatly admire your command of not one foreign language but two. I’ve gotten discouraged for the past few months and I haven’t gotten to the point where I begin to think in the other language. I have debated learning Spanish first because of the opportunities it allows from South America, where I am, to North America.

    But my heart belongs to French and I cannot attend to either as of now nor can I read books as I used to. But whenever I come over here I find resolve just by reading your words which you’ve always taken the time to write in three languages, reaching out to as all. I won’t give up just yet. Keep on being awesome 🙂

    1. Thank you, doll! You’re a star! Go back to French an Spanish, both are so similar you might be able to learn both at the same time! 😉
      And when I’m back in Mexico after my working months in France, do come by and visit: not only will it be a meeting opportunity but also to practice those languages! 🤗🤗🤗
      Keep being awesome too! 😙😙😙

  4. English isn’t my first language either, but like you, most of my readers are anglophones… I think I’ve only ever had one Arabic reader since I first started blogging, haha. I admit that I too often think in English, but that’s a good thing considering my career as a translator; it enables me to switch between the two languages quite easily.

    Also, it makes me so happy that I was actually able to understand what you wrote in French! I studied the language throughout primary school, then for a few years during university… and I’m definitely rusty. This is encouraging me to pick it up again. 😀

    1. Yeah! As translators (or interpreters, as I am), we’re better off thinking in our other work languages, right!?
      And how gratifying knowing you could pick up a little French with me! 😊😊😊

      1. I didn’t know you’re an interpreter! I’ve done some interpreting myself, but I’m more comfortable with the written form, haha.
        Oh, and I forgot to ask… I saw you mention that you have Instagram now! Swap handles? 🙂

        1. Neeevermind. I was looking around for the Instagram link and I realized it’s right there at the top, haha.

  5. Bonjour, Julie. Mon professeur Français a dit « Les Australiens parlent Français avec le nez, oui? » Malheureusement, c’est vrai. 😦 Il y cinquante sept ans depuis le lycée, mais j’aime toujours essayer! Bien, ca va. Où êtes-vous sur Instagram? Meilleurs voeux à vous, Ken

    1. I hear speaking French is a pain in the *** for English-speaking people! 😂😂😂 But you remember do pretty a good job! Thanks for mentioning it!
      Same name than the blog on instagram, you have a direct link from the blog too, through the little icon top or bottom of the page! 😉
      G’d day, mate!

      1. I loved French. Those English speakers that complain either have no aptitude, no patience, or no love for romance. Now, Chinese or Russian – they are a pain to listen to, and probably a pain in the *** to learn. Peace, dear Julie xx

  6. Living in India means speaking different language. Blogging in English means being taken over by your second or even the third language. Well that is me! 😉
    My mother tongue is Malayalam, the language spoken in Kerala, India. Then our widely used National language is Hindi. But then you have to speak English most of the times.

  7. I appreciate that you include English on your blog, Juls, as my French is virtually non-existent. Of course, there’s not much call for it where I live. 🙂 I really need to get back to practicing a bit for the next time I visit my s-i-l, though. I know a bit of German and feel more comfortable in that language, as I took several years of it in high school, but of course that was many, many years ago.
    That first shot is absolutely gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks, Janet! Love the English language, really couldn’t do without even if I wanted to 😉 I’m pretty sure you still rock at German! Never learned myself, never found it fancy enough to my tastes, I’d rather go for Japanese, Hungarian or Maya! Wish I’d have time to learn and practice these already!
      Thanks for mentioning that first shot too! Dug it up yesterday and couldn’t believe I hadn’t shown it around already 😀

      1. One thing I like about German is that if you know it, you can read anything and say it, as German is phonetic. But those der, die, and das and all the changes to endings that come with them, are a royal pain! If every language just had one word for « the », life would be much simpler when you wanted to learn a new language. 🙂

  8. I absolutely love that first photo! I am one of your English-speaking fans, with only a bit of Italian in my second-language study and even less French in elementary school. However, as a musician, I’ve learned to sing in many other language (my latest being Finnish). Steve reads poetry to me in several languages, and we are currently reading Les Miserables aloud in two different translations. Language is a great thing to explore, the nuances and subtleties of expression and association. The advantage of having so many close at hand is European. Americans are not so lucky.

    1. Wow, Priscilla, you’re reading Les Misérables in 2 different languages?!? It’s already hard in French, I wouldn’t dream about trying in another! I’d be curious to hear you sing in Finnish, that must be something! Do you do it by ear only or do you learn words and pronounciation while practicing?
      I’m a fan of languages, I’d love to take back on Japanese when I finally give it time 😀

      1. I’m reading Les Mis in 2 different English translations. Subtle differences. I learn new languages for music I’m practicing by writing in International Phonetic Alphabet markings.

  9. Bonjour, Juls! So wonderful to see you again. I can relate so well to what you said about English being the second language but turning more and more into the most used one… lol!

        1. Yes, I notice it often too that I guessed differently or did not even care at all. This is one of the wonderful things in the blog world: It is simply not important 😁


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