El Camino – Day 12

El Camino Day 12, to Najera, SpainLogroño – Nájera

26 kms (total: 248 kms)

6 hours and 16 minutos (+ lunch and photo breaks).

21 – 30°C., sunny all day.

Favorites : John Doe (85) walked with us for 3 kms, told us stories about the former Camino and advised us a shortcut on the way to Navarrete; eating wild black berries and grapes from the trail (we’re in the middle of wine country, La Rioja, there’s vineyards everywhere!); that musician couple who played music in the shade in the middle of nowhere.

Downs : there’s been a lot of people on the Camino lately, all less adventurers book their lodging from one town to another so when I arrive in town after 26 kms (or 30 yesterday), all hostal are full! Lucky yesterday to be welcome at the church and today at the council Albergue (both on donation).

Stayed at the church in Logroño (on donation).

Keep up with Sophie and her good vibe!

                          Tomorrow is another day 🙂

12 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 12

  1. Hmm… This is one of the reasons why I decided not to do the JMT. In the last 2 2/12 years, the number of application faxed in at Yosemite NP park ranger office spiked 7 times to the previous year. 7 times! It’s often called a freeway because there are so many thru hikers. You run into so many on the trail and the campgrounds no longer offer solitude. That’s why I decided to do the Sierra High Route. I go to the mountains to be happy. 🙂

    1. What is nice about El Camino is that it also offers a wide range of routes. this year, I chose the « easy » one, the most-travelled.
      The northern route is my next goal, though.

      Although, it’s still nice to realize people see the outdoors as recreativity again. You want them to stop staring at screens and enjoy it out there, right?

        1. As of today, it might be the route coming from all the way south of Spain, « El Camino de la Plata. » I hear it’s pretty tough, less albergues to host pilgrims too; and the heat is sometimes unbearable. But that makes for an utterly different and all-the-more rewarding challenge!

        2. Wow… sounds already brutal… Hmm… but when time comes to decide, I am sure I’ll focus on one thing – which trail would provide me an opportunity to take quality photos. 🙂

  2. 1er cours de qi quong aujourd’hui avec un prof qui a terminé le chemin de Compostelle ces jours ci !!!( au nord !! Moins chaud mais beaucoup de variations de dénivelles et asphalte …ton chemin semble pittoresque même si très emprunté 😉 Bon courage pour continuer ,avec toute ma tendresse 😍

  3. Oh, Julie, don’t you hate it when everyone else is on a schedule. Sometimes I really love restaurants that don’t allow bookings! Must be wine o’clock here, brought on by your mention of Rioja, of course 😜

  4. Juls! I’ve had to unfollow you, then follow you to get your posts via email again. I’ve been so wrapped up in stuff, and just saw via Reader that you are on the Camino. How wonderful. Something I need to think of doing, so I shall read with pleasure.

    1. Angelina, I’m glad you found your way back to me! So far, my journey on the Camino has been awesome but I record here very little for now, just the basics. Thoughts and advice, later on, when I’m done and back on the beach in Mexico 😉
      Hope it makes you eager to come and walk, though…


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