Photo of the Day: Finally buying Second-hand

Zero Waste = second-hand pants, Paris, France(vean más abajo para la versión en español – voyez plus bas pour la version française)

This is pretty much the last step I was still missing to have even less trash and produce less (only that little bit of plastic attached to the tag will go in my trash jar, and that’s already too much according to my new standards).

Buying second-hand clothes allows you to save money, to reuse absolutely perfect items and, at some point, will force the clothing companies to produce less new clothes.

As I’m wearing my pants down much faster nowadays (another thing to think about: why do our clothes wear out much faster today than they did before?  Because the clothing companies want you to buy more and more often…), better to buy cheap ones that are in perfect conditions.  I found those the other day at the local second-hand shop, a few blocks down the street where I live in Paris.  For 12,50€ (∼ U$14), I’ll be less annoyed to buy another pair soon when these wear out (but, frankly, I hope I won’t have to buy another pair any time soon).

Do you buy second-hand clothes? 

How have you been doing with your going zero waste?


Eso es casi uno de los últimos pasos que me faltaba tomar para llegar a hacer aún menos basura y producir menos (solamente ese pedacito de plástico de la etiqueta se ira en mi bote de vidrio que me sirve de basura, que de todas maneras es demasiado para mis nuevos estandares).

Comprar ropa de segunda mano permite ahorrar dinero, usar de nuevo artículos en perfecto estado y, al fin y al cabo, forzará las companías que fabrican ropa a producir menos ropa nueva.

Porque se desgastan mucho más rápido mis pantalones esos días (otra cosa en la cual pensar: ¿porqué se deteriora la ropa hoy mucho más rápido que antes?  Porque las companías que fabrican ropa quieren que compremos más, más enseguida…), mejor que compre unos más barrato en perfecto estado.  Encontre esos pantalones el otro día en la tienda de segunda mano en la calle a unas esquinas de donde vivo en París.  Para 12,50€ (∼ $mxn 258), me molestará menos comprar otros cuando ésos se desgatan (pero, la verdad, espero que no tenga que comprar más).

¿Uds. compran ropa de segunda mano?

¿Cómo les ha ido con la reducción de su basura?

Ce doit être le dernier pas qu’il me restait encore à faire pour produire encore moins de déchets (n’ira dans mon bocal en verre que le petit morceau de plastique qui attache l’étiquette au pantalon, et c’est déjà trop selon mes nouveaux standards).

Acheter ses fringues d’occasion est une autre manière d’économiser de l’argent, de réutiliser des vêtements en parfait état, et, si on le fait tous, forcera les grandes compagnies de textiles à fabriquer moins de nouveaux vêtements.

Puisque mes pantalons s’usent de plus en plus rapidement ces temps-ci (encore une question à se poser: pourquoi nos habits ne durent-ils plus aussi longtemps qu’avant?  Parce que les compagnies de textiles veulent que nous achetions davantage et toujours plus souvent…), autant en acheter des pas chers et en parfait état.  J’ai trouvé celui-ci dans une friperie à quelques pas de la rue dans laquelle je vis à Paris.  Pour 12,50€, ça m’embêtera beaucoup moins si je dois en racheter dans pas longtemps (mais franchement, je préfèrerais ne pas avoir à le faire du tout).

Vous achetez en friperie? 

Comment vous en sortez-vous quant à votre nouvelle vie sans déchets?

23 commentaires sur “Photo of the Day: Finally buying Second-hand

  1. Our second-hand stores are miserable in my rural area, but most of what my kids wear is hand-me-down. I wonder how I could find some second-hand threads for me…

        1. Quite a distance… As I’m trying to reduce waste, I stopped using eBay. Besides, do we really need that many clothes? (Again, for the kids, it’s another story 😉)

        2. Good point! I don’t shop just to shop anymore. When there’s something I need, I go on a mission to find it!

  2. Je n’ai jamais eu l.occasion d.aller dans une friperie….😗…je m’en fais peut être une « mauvaise » idée, et j’y trouverai peut être des pantalons qui vont à ma taille et à mes formes 😉 alors que je ne trouve rien dans les magasins !!

    1. Je crois qu’il faut changer notre idée des friperies, en effet. Même si quand même, elles restent parfois loin de l’organisation parfaite de celles que j’ai vues aux États-Unis par ex.
      T’as plus qu’à aller jeter un oeil! Suis sûre qu’il y en a une près de chez vous.

  3. Those are a good find…you’ll wear the crap out of them. I’ve been a secondhand shopper since middle school. A few months ago I cooled it on the vintage shopping though. I had a full closet and nothing to wear, because I had these crazy dresses I couldn’t wear often. Being a bike commuter and living in Portland, jeans are so much easier to work with. Since I’ve been working on a simple, decluttered life, I’ve been moving toward a capsule wardrobe. Much happier with getting dressed now and it’s less wasteful.

    1. I’ll be happy to declutter again next month when I leave Paris. It’s awful how quick you get back into sedentary habits when you stop living off your backpack. I can’t wait to live off it again! 😁

        1. I’ll stay in France for the summer, getting back in shape, hiking in the Alps, taking my god – son to Barcelona and volunteering again at the Cinema Festival in Brittany.
          Will hopefully hike El Camino from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle in September (btw, would you like to join me?!??!) And head back to Mexico soon afterwards.
          Plenty of adventures awaiting! 😊😊

  4. I’ve been buying second-hand clothes for many years, but no one would know it from my wardrobe. Today for church, I’m dressed in a lovely green, sleeveless dress I bought last week and then found out it’s a designer name and the dresses online sell for over $200 each. I paid $14 and the dress looks brand new. What’s not to like? Many second-hand clothes look (and sometimes are) new. I have better things to spend money on that expensive new clothes and when I do buy new, I always try to buy on sale.


    1. Because I don’t like shopping and rummaging, I’ve always kept second-hand stores away… It is completely silly and I’m ready now to change this habit. Especially if there are such bargains and great finds to be done! 😉

  5. I always buy second-hand clothes, except for underwear. There are many thrift stores to choose from here. I typically pay about $6 for a pair of pants.

    1. I sometimes feel so stupid when I realize there are so many cheaper options than the ones big companies put under our noses saying that’s what we should do… thanks for the reminder.

      1. With larger shops under Goodwill Industries, shopping secondhand doesn’t feel so much like « rummaging » – everything is clean, sorted by size, and in good condition.


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