Photo of the Month: Fireworks

Bastille Day, Paris, FranceFireworks over the Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day, July 14.

Do you have fireworks pictures to share?

16 commentaires sur “Photo of the Month: Fireworks

      1. Well even though is till think mine is nowhere near as beautiful as yours, it did make me smile when I captured it, so I’ll share it with you

        Also, your words have got me thinking in a new, more positive way about my photography. My new goal is to enjoy 1 out of every 150 photographs I take rather than to spend time ‘beating myself up’ for the 149 that did not turn out as I’d hoped 🌞.

        Thank you!

        1. ahahahaha great goal! I guess it’s always better to enjoy the little good part instead of dwelling on the more imposing bad part. that little good part can become the best ever! 😉

  1. Great shot Juls, though it always nags at me what better purpose the money spent on firework displays could be put to. Sponsors could be supporting the homeless for example. (Getting old makes one grumpy 🙂 )

    1. I understand you. I usually don’t mingle with the crowds at such events either but I really wanted one of those pics… I won’t go every time, though, as it took me 2 hours to get back home afterwards instead of the usual 20min…


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