Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

This week’s challenge: Enveloped.

Christmas in CaribbeanI’m too far from the beach, from the heat, from Mexico…  So, it feels fabulous to see that picture again.  Taken at Christmas 2012 on the beaches of Cozumel island, Mexico.

Inspired by the Dailypost page.

Be well, be happy!

[Fr]  Je suis trop loin de la plage, loin de la chaleur, loin du Mexique…  Alors, ça fait toujours un bien fou de revoir cette photo; prise à Noël en 2012 sur les plages de l’île de Cozumel au Mexique.

Inspiré par le Dailypost page.

Portez-vous bien!

[Es]  Estoy demasiado lejos de la playa, del calor, de México…  Entonces, siempre es genial volver a ver esta foto; tomada a la Navidad de 2012 en las playas de la isla Cozumel en México.

Inspirado por el Dailypost page.

¡Que la pasen genial!

28 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

  1. tu as raison….. réchauffes ton corps, ton coeur et ton âme avec tes chaleureuses photos !
    avec mes gros bisous aussi

  2. My first trip to Mexico was to Cozumel, when I was 17. It was January. It was also the only time I ever tried snorkelling. It was a fabulous time!

        1. I hope you also went to plenty of other places, as Cancun is far from being authentic… Since you were on that side of the Peninsula, did you go to Akumal, near Tulum, and swim with the turtles?
          If you ever think of coming back again, let me know, maybe I’ll be around too and could show you some of my favorite places! 😀

        2. I did go to Tulum (twice) and Chichen Itza. I did an underwater scooter thing called Bob (which did NOT go so well), and I would have loved to explore more natural things. I do ‘own’ timeshare weeks there in one of those gigantic all-inclusive resorts – my late husband’s idea of traveling, but not mine – and stayed there.


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