The Merry-go-round Series, #2

Paris, France Fun at the Eiffel Tower!

Have you ridden one of those old-fashioned merry-go-round?

Vous avez déjà fait un tour sur ces vieux manèges?

¿Se han subido a una de esas antiguas calesitas?

Other Merry-go-round pictures:

the #1 in the series

14 commentaires sur “The Merry-go-round Series, #2

  1. I recently found a photo of you riding the merry-go-round here in Missoula. Too bad I don’t have a scanner!

  2. Hy Juls.
    I’m undecided if it’s better to book the Tour Eiffel or not…
    In winter, I want to wait the forecast weather and no reserve…
    There is much to wait on a weekday in these period ?
    Mercì !

    1. The weather is very changing right now but for what I’ve seen lately, there wasn’t much queue on weekdays. I truly think you wouldn’t need to book ahead. Now, the top floor is being remodeled and I’m not sure if it remains open, you should check on the website.

  3. I think of a few in California – in Golden Gate Park, at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, at the lake park in the town where I lived – ones I’ve ridden on myself and with my children. Fun, color, light, movement…a good time, for sure!


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