Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

This week’s challenge: Express Yourself.

Paris, FranceParis, France, is my new playground. (The Merry-go-round series, #1)

Inspired by the Dailypost page.

Enjoy the Day!

33 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

    1. Thank you, Angeline. It was a very overcast day in Paris, it even snowed lightly in the morning; but the merry-go-round old-fashioned lights and colors are always beautiful and definitely help for contrast.

      1. Ciao. We’ll be only 48 hours, it’s a gift to our nephew for her first 10 years ! So, Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame in serach of the Hunchback, Bateaux Mouches… Any suggestions for young child ?

        1. 48h, huh?!? I guess that you’ll already have plenty to do with the activities you list here! Walk the gardens too if it’s not too cold (Luxembourg, les Tuileries…)

        2. We’ll have an afternoon, a day and the morning after… Than dipend much by the weather, if cold or good to stay out…

    1. It’s the second picture of a series I’ve started in Paris… easy with so many merry-go-round everywhere… now, to put them in the same frame as another famous landmark is not always easy, except when they’re so close one to another!

        1. I wanted to have both the colors of the merry-go-round and the impressive landmark in the background in the same picture. (I have another shot at the Eiffel Tower). The angle imposes itself, then. I’m glad you find it interesting and refreshing!


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