Photo Essay by Rulo: Camden Market

Camden Market, London, UK(voyez plus bas pour la version française – scroll down for the english version)

Ahora que estabamos en Londres en el Reino Unido, y que a Rulo le encanta caminar por las alamedas de los mercados, no podíamos perdernos la oportunidad de dar la vuelta en Camden Market, el más famoso de la ciudad.  Es muy colorido, hay un montón de cosas raras a descubrir, hay comida de todas partes del mundo, hay arte callejero, hay tanta chatarra a buscar y tantas otras que querrán comprar…

Es un laberinto en donde uno se puede perder y buscar tesoros.

A penas bajamos del metro que Raúl se aproprió la cámara y no dejó de sacar fotos, por aquí y por allá, durante las 3 horas que pasamos ahí.  Esas fotos son el resultatdo de su locura (no tantas resultan de mi locura).

Pienso que pudo capturar perfectamente el entorno, el ambiante de Camden, el amontamiento de cosas y de gente, la variedad de objetos que uno puede encontrar…

¿Qué opinan cuando ven esta serie de fotos?


Puisqu’on se trouvait à Londres au Royaume-Uni et que Rulo adore se promener le long des allées des marchés, on ne pouvait pas ne pas aller au Marché de Camden, le plus connu de la ville.  C’est plein de couleurs, il y a plein de choses bizarres à regarder et à découvrir, il y a de quoi manger des 4 coins du monde, il y a de l’art de rue, il y a de quoi chercher des heures et plein de petites choses qui vous donneront envie d’acheter…

C’est un labyrinthe dans lequel il est facile de se perdre et de faire la chasse au trésor.

À peine sortis du métro, Raul s’est emparé de l’appareil photo et ne l’a plus lâché pendant les 3 heures qu’on a passé sur place.  Ces quelques photos sont le résultat de sa folie passagère (un peu moins sont le résultat de la mienne).

Je trouve qu’il a particulièrement bien réussi à capturer l’ambiance de Camden, l’ammoncellement de choses et de gens, la variété d’objets sur lesquels le passant peut tomber…

Que ressentez-vous en regardant cette série de photos?


Since we were in London, UK, and Rulo loves walking along the numerous stalls of market places, we couldn’t miss a chance to go to Camden Market, one of the most famous in town.  It’s colorful, there’s weird things to look at and discover, there’s food from every corner of the planet, there’s street art, there’s so much junk to find and so many little things you’ll want to buy…

It’s a labyrinth one can lose himself in and hunt for treasures.

Hardly off the subway, Raul took over the camera and never stopped shooting, right and left, for the whole 3 hours we spent there.  These few pictures are the result of his folly (not so many are the result of mine).

I truly feel like he’s captured perfectly the atmosphere of Camden, the rush of things and people, the variety of objects one can stumble upon…

What do you feel when you see this series of pictures?

10 commentaires sur “Photo Essay by Rulo: Camden Market

    1. Camden Market is impressive and so full of things; it’s colorful and eye-catching everywhere you look. We loved all references to London in particular and everything that made us feel like this place in particular was so special. We’re glad we could take you there and that you enjoyed the tour!

  1. This gallery makes me feel…distracted? There are so many things to look at, and I am a very visual person. It also makes me remember that I want to ask myself, « What’s important? » I have gone to overwhelmingly stimulating markets with so much to « oooh! » and « aaah! » about (in Firenze, Budapest, and Salzburg) that I wanted to buy or photograph everything. It’s all so beautiful! Then I think that I want to slow down and focus on something. What is really saying something deep to me? I like the one of the two dolls and the silhouette of the soldier and child. The juxtapositions of two figures makes me think more deeply about what it is to be human. I enjoy being distracted by beauty, but I more enjoy letting beauty teach me something. Thanks for asking!

    1. I completely understand what you mean, Priscilla. When I had to choose the pictures for the post, I was thinking « whow, this is way too many! » but then, it wouldn’t have showed the essence of Camden Market, which truly is about « too many, » « too colorful, » « too much, » and « buy me, buy me, buy me! »
      Like you, we try to focus when we go to a market, but I think we also like the fact that there might be nothing in particular to focus on either.
      I like knowing that you have a favorite in all this mess of things and colors and that 2 pictures at least called more your attention and made you feel something special. Thanks for telling us!


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