It’s cheesy and we love it!

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Le fait de pouvoir traverser les frontières sans passer par la douane en Europe surprend encore Raúl…  Après avoir retrouvé nos amis à Bruxelles,  nous avons remis les pieds en France sans plus de procédures.  Pour fêter l’occasion, nous partageons une fondue bourguignonne avec mes parents venus spécialement nous retrouver.  Ensuite, il faut commencer l’initiation de Raúl aux différentes saveurs et odeurs des fromages français.  Premier arrêt, Maroilles, le village où se fait le fromage du même nom.  Un dimanche, les fabriques ne sont pas ouvertes mais une boutique de vente de produits du terroir nous sert de quartier général.  L’odeur imprègne déjà nos narines et notre choix se porte sur plusieurs morceaux ainsi que sur les spécialités locales, quiches et terrines.  Notre repas du soir est prêt.  En apéritif, rien de vaut une bonne bière locale, la Ch’ti est de rigueur.  Et moi de m’entraîner à quelques portraits…

Nous ne pouvions commencer notre séjour en France d’une meilleure façon!

Merci à Marie, Séb, Gaspar, Max et Stéph de toujours être là pour nous et de nous avoir refait découvrir les saveurs du Nord.

Et vous, quelle est la première chose que vous faites quand vous rentrez chez vous après une longue absence?


Being able to go from one country to another in Europe without crossing customs at all borders is still something of a wonder for Raul…  After meeting with our friends in Bruxels, we set foot back in France without any more paperwork.  My parents made the trip to see us right there and then and shared our diner with fondue bourguignonne. Then, began Raul’s initiation to the different flavors and odors of French cheese.  First stop, Maroilles, the village where the namesake cheese is produced.  On a Sunday, all factories are closed but a local product store becomes our headquarters.  The smell already impregnates our nostrils and we choose a variety of cheeses as well as local specialties like quiches and terrines.  Diner is ready.  Beforehand, it’s also time to taste the locally-brewed beer, Ch’ti.  And I play with the camera for a few portraits…

There was no better way to start our journey back to France.

Special thanks to Marie, Séb, Gaspar, Max and Stéph for always being there for us and for treating us easily back into the northern flavors.

What is the thing you crave the most for when you get back home after a long time away?


El hecho de poder cruzar las fronteras de Europa sin pasar la aduana todavía le queda raro a Raúl…  Luego de habernos encontrado con mis amigos en Bruxelas, llegamos de vuelta en Francia sin más trámites.  Mis padres nos encontraron especialmente para compartir una fondue bourguinonne.  Luego, Raúl tuvo que empezar su iniciación a los olores y sabores de los quesos franceses.  Primera parada, Maroilles, el pueblo en dónde se hace el queso del mismo nombre.  Los domingos las fábricas están cerradas pero nos instalamos en una tienda de productos locales.  El olor ya penetra nuestras narices y escogimos una variedad de queso, así como unas especialidades locales como quiches y terrines.  La cena está lista.  Ahora, es hora de probar la Ch’ti, la cerveza local.  Y juego con la cámara para hacer unos retratos…

No podíamos empezar nuestra estancia en Francia de mejor manera.

Les agradecemos mucho a Marie, Séb, Gaspar, Max y Stéph por siempre estar ahí para recibirnos y por llevarnos de la mano a (re)descubrir los sabores del norte de Francia.

¿Cuál es la primera cosa que quieren hacer Uds. cuando regresan a su casa luego de mucho tiempo lejos?

15 commentaires sur “It’s cheesy and we love it!

  1. I’m battling to think of anything I crave. Oh yes, I have it…Australian ‘champagne’ and wines in general. They are so good. Also ripe grapes. They tend to be sold before properly ripe in my (somewhat limited) experience of Europe. I think I may enjoy the smell of eucalypts too.

  2. Mmmmh – CHEESE – les fromages francaises …
    At first I fought my way through your french words – till I found out, nearly there, that you have an English version … Well, practice never goes amiss.

    1. ahaha thanks for sticking to the page until you found the English version! 😉 next time, you’ll know where to find it! we can’t get enough of cheese and keep tasting new ones every few days; and heading to a cheese festival tomorrow!

  3. The portraits are charming! It must have been a splendid home-coming, and very interesting for Raul as well.
    Whenever we would go abroad, the first meal we had on returning home was — going out for Chinese food. We are not Chinese, but that’s very American!

    1. Raul and I can’t stop eating cheese, saucisson and other typical french delicacies since we set foot back in the country. And chinese food is such another fabulous food that I totally understand you looking for it when you get back from a trip. Have you ever been to Asia and had it there? ’cause that’s absolutely fabulous there!

      1. Never to China. A sadness. Where we live now I am reduced to cooking it myself (indifferently, I’m afraid) because there is none good to be had.
        Japan? Have been lucky enough to spend time there. Love the food, could live on it!

  4. What a great start to your trip, I can smell the cheese! For me, the first thing when I get home is usually to have a curry!

  5. Cheese! My daughter, who spent a semester in Nantes while an undergrad, uses the phrase « emergency sad cheese » to describe her faith in the healing powers of that special treat.


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