Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

This week’s challenge: The Golden Hour.

We’re walking around in Paris… on and off the beaten paths.  Two nights ago, we stood on the hill of Montmartre to watch the sun set on the Eiffel Tower and the rooftops of the city.

[Fr]  On se promène dans Paris… sur et hors des chemins battus.  Il y a 2 jours, nous étions à Montmartre pour le coucher du soleil sur la Tour Eiffel et les toits de la ville.

[Es]  Caminamos en Paris…  sobre y afuera de los senderos mas recorridos.  Hace 2 días, estabamos en Montmartre para el atardecer, viendo hacia la Torre Eiffel y los techos de la ciudad.

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Open your eyes for these fabulous hours and enjoy your week-end! 

25 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

    1. it definitely is… I never get tired of it. heading straight towards another hill overlooking Paris for the fireworks of Bastille Day tonight, with the Eiffel Tower in the background again. 😀

  1. Paris truly give golden hours … often – mornings and evenings – beautiful city, but on a personal level we don’t agree … great shot.

    1. Everytime you climb a monument or a hill in Paris, you have a different stunning view. I particularly love the one from Montmartre because you have a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower.

    1. It truly was! and tonight’s sunset was gorgeous too but I was embarked on the bus and couldn’t stop for the shot… I’ll be in place tomorrow for the fireworks on Bastille Day in Paris! More fun to come!

    1. I appreciate so much seeing everyone’s take on the theme that I am pleased to share my favorites every time I can for those who don’t have time or patience to go through them all; besides, it allows me to discover new blogs like yours! Thanks for staying put! Hope you’ll enjoy what’s in store!


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