Weekly Photo Challenge : Change

This week challenge : Change.

These are not new pictures but they were a great example of change : while skydiving above Lake Taupo in New Zealand, in 2009, my face showed quite a few … emotions!  The thing is, this summer, when we’re in France, I’ll take Raul to take his first plunge from a perfectly working plane with my very good friend, Tristan, skydiving instructor and videoman.  I just hope we’ll have as many faces to show then!  😉

[Fr]  Ces photos datent un peu mais me paraissaient être un bon exemple de changement : lors d’un saut en parachute au-dessus du Lac Taupo en Nouvelle-Zélande, en Janvier 2009, mon visage est passé par plusieurs … phases!  Le truc, c’est que, cet été, quand nous serons en France, j’emmènerai Raul faire son premier saut depuis un avion en parfait état de marche avec mon ami Tristan, instructeur et cameraman de parachutisme.  J’espère qu’on aura d’aussi bonnes photos de son visage à vous montrer!  😉

[Es]  Esas fotos son un poco antiguas pero me parecían demostrar el cambio de manera perfecta : mientras estaba haciendo paracaída encima del Lago Taupo en Enero 2009 en Nueva Zelanda, mi rostro pasó por varias … ¡emociones!  Lo que pasa es que, en el verano, cuando estemos en Francia, llevaré a Raúl a tomar su primer brinco desde un avión perfectamente funcional con mi amigo Tristan, instructor y videoman de paracaída.  ¡Espero tener otra buena colección de rostros a mostrarles!

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You’ll find here a lot more about changing …

Have a beautiful week-end!

24 commentaires sur “Weekly Photo Challenge : Change

  1. Did this when I was 18 and would love to do it again! Great photos,.I am guessing you brought the photographer along too?

    1. the photographer was from the skydiving center and pictures included in the price! now, in France, my friend is photographer AND instructor, he’s awesome! if you’re ever in France and want to give it another go 😉

    1. yes, right! My mouth looks like a big « O » all the time, for trying to breathe through it all, but it soooooo much fun! I did it twice and can’t wait to get back up in the air! thanks for sharing your picture too, you looked just in your element! 😉

  2. I love your face expressions and I know what it’s like. I did a tandem jump once and I loved it. Sadly, I never went back, but once is better than never and I’m not dead yet!

    1. This jump was my second ever and although I knew how it felt I can’t stop myself laughing at the faces I make! you’re right, it’s never too late to take another one! 😉 Hope to see some pictures of that one when you finally have the opportunity to take it! 😀

  3. Thank you so much for the ping! p.s. sky-diving must be really really a rush of adrenalin through out the body making you feel very alive (and full of expression 😉

    1. you’re very welcome for the ping, I always enjoy finding new gems during the WPC! and yes, skydiving, like all other extreme sports involving -diving, is just an awesome adrenalin rush and you feel wonderful! I just didn’t know until that jump that I made so many faces! 😉


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