The Photographer’s last Shot…

planted used camera (photo credit : google)
planted used camera (photo credit : google)

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Le Comble du Photographe…  C’est d’être incapable d’en prendre une!

À 4 jours des fêtes de Noël, le déclencheur de mon appareil photo s’est arrêté net…  Sans plus d’explication.  Peut-être encore sous garantie, en France, je l’ai remis, le cœur gros, entre les mains de ma mère, prête à embarquer sur son vol de retour.  Là-bas, j’espère qu’on pourra le réparer…

Près de 3 semaines plus tard – fêtes de fin d’année oblige – j’attends toujours le devis.  Quel qu’il soit, je n’aurai de nouveau accès à mon appareil photo qu’en Juillet, à mon retour en France pour l’été.

En attendant, QUE FAIRE???

L’avantage du moment, c’est que mon amie Audrey est avec nous depuis presque 3 semaines et que je lui pique son tout nouveau tout beau Sony Nex-6, spécialement acheté pour le périple américain de 8 mois qu’elle commence à peine.  Pas forcément une bonne idée non plus, de s’habituer à une si belle et maniable machine…  Mais bon, au moins, je peux prendre des photos.

Et ensuite, quoi?  Elle part dans 2 semaines; j’ai 6 mois devant moi…  sans appareil photo!  Nooooooonnnnnnnn!!!!….

Amis photographes, compagnons bloggers photographes, conseillez-moi!  J’achète un point-and-shoot pour passer le temps?  Quitte à le revendre ensuite, pourquoi pas?  J’achète un nouveau téléphone portable, plus sophistiqué, avec appareil photo et m’en contente?  Pourquoi pas, certains font des photos plutôt pas mal!

😦  …  😦

Au secours!!!!  Merci d’avance de vos suggestions!


The Photographer’s last straw…  Not to be able to shoot!

Four days before Christmas, the trigger of my camera stopped dead…  Just like that.  Since the whole machine might still be under warranty in France, it’s with a heavy heart that I gave it to my mother, about to embark her flight back.  I just hope they’ll be able to do something over there…

Almost 3 weeks later – thank you, dear holiday season – I still haven’t heard a thing.  Whatever the techs tell me and whatever I decide to do, I won’t have access to that camera before I get back to France for the summer in July.

Meanwhile, WHAT SHOULD I DO???

The good thing is, my friend Audrey has been spending time with us the past 3 weeks and I’ve been using her brand new Sony Nex-6, the one she bought for her 8-month-trip through America that she’s only starting on.  Can’t really say it’s a good idea to get used to such a wonderful piece of machinery either…  But, at least, I can shoot!

Then, what?  She leaves in 2 weeks; I have 6 spare months to wait…  without a camera!  Noooooooooo!!!!…

Friends, fellow bloggers and photographs, help me out!  Do I buy a point-and-shoot for the time being?  And resell it later, why not?  Do I upgrade my cell phone for one that can shoot too and content myself with that?  Some actually take pretty decent photos…

😦  …  😦

Heeeeelp!  Your suggestions will be more than welcome and greatly appreciated!


El Colmo del Fotógrafo…  ¡Es de no poder sacar ninguna!

Cuatro días antes de Navidad, el disparador de mi cámara se trabó…  Sin ninguna razón que yo sepa.  Tal vez, todavía funciona la garantía ahí en Francia, así que se lo dí, con corazón roto, a mi madre a punto de subirse a su vuelo de vuelta.  Y espero…

Casi 3 semanas después – gracias a las fiestas de fin de año – sigo esperando por el presupuesto.  Cualquiera que sea, no podré tocar esta cámara hasta que regrese a Francia en Julio…

Mientras tanto, ¿QUÉ HAGO???

Fortunadamente, mi amiga Audrey esta paseando con nosotros desde hace 3 semanas y se lo robo de vez en cuando su nueva cámara, una Sony Nex-6, que compró especialmente para su viaje de 8 meses en América, cuyo empezó en México.  Tampóco es buena idea acostumbrarse a tan increíble máquina…  Pero, a lo menos, puedo sacar fotos.

Y luego, ¿qué?  Ella se va en 2 semanas; me quedan 6 meses…  ¡sin cámara!  Noooooooooo!!!…

Amigos fotógrafos, compañeros bloggers fotógrafos, ¿qué me aconsejan?  Comprar un point-and-shoot y así pasar el tiempo?  Luego, lo vendo otra vez, ¿cierto?  Comprar mejor celular que también puede sacar fotos?  Unos resueltan buenos…

😦  …  😦

¡Ayuuuuuuuuda!  De antemano, les agradezco de sus sugerencias!

28 commentaires sur “The Photographer’s last Shot…

  1. I’d seriously consider the iPhone. I have been nothing but impressed with what I’m capturing with my 4S. I hear the new 5’s camera is even better. Though it’ll never take the place of my real camera, I use it a lot. In fact, whenever I’m out on a shoot with my « real » camera, I always grab a few shots with my iPhone. Though I can say it did not like the cold on my last winter hike and was only able to give me one shot before it went to sleep for the day :-O Fortunately, all was well after warming up in an inside pocket.

    1. Thanks Jeff for yet another sound advice. I’ve opted for the P&S instead of the iPhone because it still is cheaper, but yes, I’ve seen what the iPhone can do, and I’m pretty impressed. I’ll just be glad to be able to take photos again!
      My camera is on its way to being repaired, I’ll also be very happy to hold it again next July!

  2. I think you should definitely get a P&S for the interim. I guess which one would depend on your budget and whether you would be interested in keeping it even after getting your other camera back. If your other camera is a DSLR, a P&S is excellent for those days when you are not specifically going out to take photos and don’t want to be weighed down, but still want to have a camera on you for anything interesting you might encounter.

  3. Salut Julie, Je suis desolee que ton appereil est en panne, mais je suis sure que tu prendras de belle fotos meme avec ton portable….

    1. Merci Paula! avec mon très vieux portable, je peux à peine prendre des photos mais je pense de plus en plus acheter un point-and-shoot pour attendre de retrouver mon appareil photo en juillet et continuer à m’améliorer en photographie!

  4. Here’s my suggestion. Research the point-and-shoots and get the best one you can afford but make sure it’s very portable. Many pros carry a P&S when they aren’t lugging around their SLR and its lenses. Then you’re ready for those off-the-cuff moments because you always have a decent camera with you. I do use my iphone but find it lacking in real performance for photography (altho the new one with the panorama function is pretty neat!) Good luck!

  5. 6 months? My iPhone is great, but zoom is not that good. If I were you I’d buy a point and shoot that isn’t too expensive. I saw a Nikon Cool pix for about $125, and another for $70. Six months is too long for just an iPhone if you’re taking a lot of photos.

    1. I know, right!!!! 6 months surely goes by pretty fast what with all the activities, but is way too long to be without a camera! Looking out for those Nikon Coolpix point-and-shoot. Will keep you all updated when I get one!

  6. I think you should buy a pretty good point and shoot camera (at least am 8x zoom) and then sell it to your favorite American mom who will need one when she finally comes to visit you. Don’t know when that will be, but someday. Love you!

  7. My suggestion is that you purchase an iPhone, which can inspire in ways unimaginable. iPhoneography is here to stay, and many bloggers use their iPhones as their only lens. I switch back-and-forth between my iPhone and Nikon DSLR. I believe strongly that it is not the equipment but the eye of the photographer that frames a memorable image.

    1. Thank you so much Sally! I am completely out of date as of iPhones and such, and don’t have the Mac computer to go with it, but I know there are other options than that one that works pretty much the same; since my cell phone is already an antique, that could be the other most probable solution. And since I just love all your pictures, both from one or the other, I could definitely try and be up to this challenge.

        1. While my friend is still here, I can use her camera, so I’m hanging on! 😉 with everybody’s sound advice, I’ll go buy one or the other and hopefully won’t feel as deprived as I felt when I first left my camera in my mother’s hands…

  8. I think the fundamental question is–are you happy with your « old » camera? (aside from the trigger problem) If so, I’d make do with your cell phone camera or a point and shoot in the meantime. Another question: do you want to (or can you) spend the money on another camera in the interim? If so, how much? Also, if you want to replace the « old » camera, what is the resale value?

    1. I AM happy with my camera, besides the trigger problem; I really want to continue using it, upgrading it whenever I can (which might happen sooner than later with the current problem, might have to change the body of the machine). Right now, I could afford a compact point-and-shoot and think about selling it back later. the « old » camera is 3 years old, might still be worth something if I had to change it for a better one, still able to suit my 2 lenses.

    1. Found that pic’ on the web, though! I was thinking about the compact camera for those 6 months to wait… Don’t think I can spend them without anything! but hope I can take as good pics with one so I can have such great words from you again! 😀

  9. Julie! Pase por la misma situacion. Estuve 2 meses sin camara aqui en Misiones, inclus fuì a Cataratas de Iguazu sin poder tomar una sola foto. La desesperaciòn me llevò a echar mano de la càmara de cuaquiera que estuviese cercano y rogar que luego me las hicieran llegar, a usar la peor de las càmaras pocket y al fin resolvi solo disfrutar de cada momento y guardarlo lindo en la memoria, la de mi cerebro. Con el paso de los dìas descubri que tambien un poco de cosas nos perdemos por estar detras de la càmara buscando un encuadre, la mejor luz etc. Sè que no es consuelo, padecì cada dìa de ese aprendizaje.
    Podria recomendarte cuaquier telefono al que puedas agregarle la aplicacion instgram y o directamente comprarte una Holga o Lomo, de las retro con pelìcula y pasar los dias jugando con una de esas nenas relouded!
    Abrazos y espero que estos meses se acorten.
    Pd: siempre esta la posibilidad de aprender a tejer 😛

    1. Mi Amiga!

      Eres unica! tus palabras solas son un gran consuelo y cuando veo todas tus fotos hermosisimas, yo se cuanto lo echaste de menos y cuanto sabes disfrutar del dia y del lugar, de la gente y de la situacion.

      una camara de bolsilla por si a caso, no? 😉 las retro, porque no? ja! tantas opciones de repente!
      Gracias por estar ahi conmigo, siempre.

      pd : no tengo paciencia para tejer, ya sabes! ademas, lo haces tan bonitooooo!!!! 😀

  10. Hi,
    I think you should buy a good compact camera or better a mirrorless, lik sony nex…
    Then sell it or keep for funny speed shot
    Bonne chance


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