Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

This week's challenge: Muse. Hard not to be inspired...  My muses along the roads - in Chile, France, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina and the USA. Inspired by the Dailypost page. Watch out and be inspired!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

This week's challenge: Afloat. Our friends at Erratic Rock hostel in Puerto Natales, Chile, asked today to share pictures and memories of our time there last year celebrating the hostel's 10th anniversary.  This picture fits the theme and today's challenge as well, since Rustyn there showed us how to stay afloat above such magnificent landscape.  [...]

En Puerto Natales

(voyez plus bas pour la version française - scroll down for the english version) Photo credits : unless stated otherwise, © Julie Klene. Después de unos días de viaje sola, la mochila por fin encontró de nuevo su ama en Punta Arenas y pudieron irse juntas a descubrir Patagonia en Puerto Natales.   Vinieron por [...]