Projet Confinement, Jour 49

Confinement J49, Paris, France(scroll down for the english version – vean al pie de página para la versión en español)

Des fleurs, des fleurs, encore et toujours des fleurs! Je suis agréablement surprise de découvrir autant de variété dans les rues parisiennes; je ne m’y attendais clairement pas.

Cette photo fait partie du « Isolation Project » lancé par Jeff Sinon.

Passez un beau dimanche! ❤


Flowers, flowers, again, more and more flowers! I’m agreeably surprised to discover so many varieties in the streets of Paris; I was truly not expecting this.

This picture is part of the « Isolation Project » launched by Jeff Sinon.

May your Sunday be blooming! ❤


¡Flores, flores y más flores! Estoy agradablemente sorprendida de descubrir tanta variedad en las calles de París; para decir la verdad, no me lo esperaba.

Esta foto es parte del « Isolation Project » propuesto por Jeff Sinon.

Que tengan un domingo muy bonito! ❤

6 commentaires sur “Projet Confinement, Jour 49

  1. the flower looks to me like a camelia — here they tend to be pinky-reddish colours and are in bloom right now (a bit late, I think). I love the tones in this photo. The shadows stand out really well, and add texture/drama.

      1. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that I am correct. I learned the name years ago, and every spring when I saw it again I’d have forgotten the name. I learned to remember it was similar to « camel » and that helped. I now hvae some salad greens growning on my balcony, and one of them is not identifiable (to me, at leat). It smells lovely, but looks like a weed…. Do I pull it out and throw it away, or do I eat it and risk poisinging myself? Life in isolation….

        1. I’ll try and do my own research in order to learn a new thing today! 😉
          Be careful of what you eat, it would be lovely if this weed is indeed edible but such a shame were it not…


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