El Camino – Day 9 

El Camino Day 9, to Villatuerta, SpainObanos – Villatuerta 

20 kms (total: 178 kms)

5 hours and 10 minutes (+2h33 of lunch and photo breaks).

19 – 28°C., very cloudy all day.

Favorites: Walking under the clouds makes for cooler temperatures, so delicious; 9th day on the road and it almost feels easy now; arrived at an unexpected hostel, fully booked, where we were offered hammocks instead (on donation), and there’s a swimming-pool to enjoy!; a yoga moment in the stone-walled underground of the hostel with Susan, Sophie & Soledad.

Downs: … none today 🙂

Stayed at the Albergue del Peregrino USDA in Obanos (8€/night), in front of the church.

Met Sarah (D), Susan and Judy (US) and Soledad (E). Kept on walking with Sophie since we have so much fun and she’s only here for 2 weeks…

                       Tomorrow is another day on El Camino! 🙂

8 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 9 

  1. So much thought provoked here, Julie. Assume ‘D » is Deutschland, but is « E » Espana? I hate the way the English (Americans and we Aussies) insist on Anglicised names. I much prefer the originals, such as København and Köln 🙂


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