El Camino – Day 5

El Camino Day 5, to Zubiri, SpainBurguete – Zubiri

19 kms (total: 117 kms)

4 hours and 49 minutes (+ 44 minutes of breaks).

24 – 32°C, sunny all day.

Favorites: I finished early today and could rest in the afternoon; we now walk much more on a real trail than on the road and the countryside is gorgeous too!

Downs: my first 2 days of walking were on a less-traveled route, I walked alone; now, the trail is packed with pilgrims/walkers; not sure if I like the paved trail…

Stayed at Casa Rural Pedro Arena en Burguete  (33,50€/night w/ breakfast, special price because I was on my own in a double room w/ private bath).

Met Bert, Jeanette and Marie on the road, Florence and Christelle (B) at the hostel.

                                       Tomorrow is rest day! 🙂

4 commentaires sur “El Camino – Day 5

  1. Quel plaisir de te retrouver sur ton blog 😀 Et quel courage de marcher ainsi depuis 5jours….je souhaite très fort que ton genou s’habitue maintenant et te mène avec solidité sur ce chemin de Compostelle ! Mes pensées t’accompagnent ❤️

    1. Ce sont de petits articles courts (mais toi, tu reçois + de photos). Pour l’instant, je ne sens que mes muscles et l’énergie à déployer pour tenir 25 kms/jour, mais quand je suis dans le rythme, mes pensées volent et j’admire le paysage… je t’emmène! 😍

  2. Enjoy that rest day, Julie. I am rather intrigued by the concept and popularity of these pilgrimages. On one hand, company is great, but sometimes solitude has more spiritual value. I can’t bear the thought of such a trek feeling like being part of a great crowd!

    1. Indeed, there’s a lot of people on the trail now but you can still walk on your own; I do. I follow my own pace and mind, think and meditate as much as I can (probably not enough yet as I’m focusing on managing energy and taking care of my knee).
      Everyone does it for different reasons, the important thing is to find yourself happy doing so. 😊


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