Paris in black&white series – #1

Paris, FranceBlooming by the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.

 What’s your favorite spot to enjoy spring?

Quel est votre endroit préféré pour profiter du printemps?

¿Cuál es su lugar favorito para disfrutar de la primavera?

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27 commentaires sur “Paris in black&white series – #1

  1. Spring in Wisconsin is full of the scent of lilacs and crab apples. Spring (and summer, when the drought isn’t too bad) in California is full of the scent of star jasmine. So heady and fragrant and sweet and sentimental to me!

  2. I remember that – that first level was still far too high for me so I held the coats and bags while the family went up 🙂 Best place in Spring – definitely running through the Jersey lanes with the profusion of wildflowers.

      1. The architecture here in Bochum/Germany is more or less ugly, because Bochum was destructed during the war because it was an industrial town. BUT, we have a lot of nice parks, woods und a beautiful riverbank. 🙂

  3. I guess mine would be Ticino, that’s the warm and sunny part of Switzerland with lots of lakes, mountains and even palm trees 🙂 But Paris is a good choice, too. Need to get there again soon!


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