Photo of the Month/Weekly Photo Challenge : High Tides in Saint-Malo

sunset Saint-Malo, FranceLast week in Saint-Malo, Normandy, the coast registered one of the Highest Tides of the year and we were there!  At sunset, the water was all the way up the wooden pillars in front of the docks, some 26 ft. higher than at low tide.  Everybody was out and about taking pictures and enjoying the show Nature offered that night.

For you to appreciate the difference between low and high tide, here’s another picture taken earlier that day on the other side of Fort Royal that was the main subject above.  It is now below on the left-hand side of the picture….

So? What do you think?

This post unexpectedly also fitted our Weekly Photo Challenge’s theme, « Sea! »  More sea beauties from fellow bloggers are to be found here, as usual.

[Fr]  La semaine dernière à Saint-Malo en Normandie, les côtes ont enregistrées une des plus Grandes Marées de l’année et nous y étions!  Au coucher du soleil, l’eau était montée jusqu’en haut des pilliers de bois devant l’avenue en bord de mer, quelques 8 mètres au-dessus de son niveau à marée basse.  Tout le monde était de sortie pour prendre des photos et admirer les prouesses de Mére Nature.

Pour que vous vous rendiez compte de la différence entre marée haute et marée basse, voyez la photo suivante prise à marée basse plus tôt ce jour-là de l’autre côté du Fort Royal, le sujet principal de la photo.  Cette fois-ci, il se trouve sur la gauche…

Alors? Qu’en pensez-vous?

De manière complètement fortuite, cet article sied également parfaitement au thème de notre Weekly Photo Challenge, « Sea! »  Découvrez les images de mer de mes compagnons bloggers en cliquant ici, comme d’habitude.

[Es]  La semana pasada estábamos en Saint-Malo, Normandia, ¡al mismo momento que se registraron las Grandes Mareas, las más altas del año!  Al atardecer, el agua había subido hasta arriba de los pilares de madera al frente del Malecón, unos 8 metros más alto que a marea baja.  Todo el mundo estaba afuera tomando fotos y admirando el espectáculo de la Naturaleza.

Para que vieran la diferencia de las mareas, aquí abajo vean otra foto tomada el mismo día al otro lado del Fuerte Real.  Ésta vez, se encuentra a la izquierda…

¿Pues, qué opinan?

Casualmente, ¡este artículo contesta perfectamente al Weekly Photo Challenge de la semana cuyo tema era « Sea » (o sea « Mar« )!  Vean más imágenes del mar de mis compañeros de la blogésfera aquí como siempre.

low tide Saint-Malo, France

13 commentaires sur “Photo of the Month/Weekly Photo Challenge : High Tides in Saint-Malo

    1. Thanks again, Annette! I love languages and try to learn as much as possible in each every time I travel in a foreign country. Now, I’m an official interpreter in France between French and French Sign Language but can also do the job between English or Spanish and French Sign Language. I haven’t had any true translating experience yet although I would really enjoy it! Right now, I’m practicing here and helping out friends on their project to travel from one Pole to another through the Americas, translating their blog into French. I used to work in France obviously (because of the languages I used) but now live in Mexico… most of the time, when I’m not travelling around again (which I’m actually doing right now!)

      I use all 4 languages so often that fluency is not such a problem (in spite of a few mistakes once in a while of course); I hope you can practice your languages more often too!

  1. it is literally like day and night! 🙂 the image at high tide looks very calm and soothing, whereas the image at low tide is full of life…… both are lovely. thanks for sharing.

    1. you’re welcome! I’m very happy you enjoyed viewing too. for us too, it was very surprising as we heard about the Great tide only once we were there and actually stumbled upon the results at night without thinking more about it. the difference between what we had witnessed earlier that day and at Sunset made us realize the true force of Nature.

  2. Beautiful! I remember the boulevard but not with high and low water. Just next to St Malo they use the big difference in the tide to make electricity! Beautiful shots!

    1. yeah, I heard about the water-powered electrical plant near-by but didn’t have time to go and have a look; it’s actually awesome that they thought of using the power of tides to produce electricity, other governments should try and follow the lead!

      Glad you liked the shots too! it was amazing to be able to witness such grand and natural Wonder.


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