Marble Cathedrals, Puerto Tranquilo, Chile

4 commentaires sur “Marble Cathedrals, Puerto Tranquilo, Chile

  1. I think it’s a terrific frame, but you need to adjust the gamma, Juls! It’s easy to lift it so that all the detail in those extraordinary things can be seen … What photo editor do you use?

    1. Hello Margaret, thanks for your insight! what are the gammas?!? 😛 I purposefully over-saturated and -contrasted this picture with Photoshop Elements 11 but I’d love to try another way to make it look more beautiful with your advice.
      Thanks for stopping by! I hope you also enjoyed the ride!

      1. Sighh … PhotoShop again. I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t use it, I believe. If you will send me an email (address in sidebar of my blog) I’ll be able to send you back a different version. But in the meantime,WHY did you want to over-saturate and over-contrast? Seems to me that travel shots of this kind shouldn’t have ‘fx’ of any kind because the viewer wants to really see what s/he is looking at. Your photos, though – your blog! 😀

        1. I’ll send you an email. I kind like over-saturating my pictures sometimes, to give them more colorful colors and the contrast enhances the view. Just so the landscapes looks a bit brighter. I’m a beginner at all the photoshop thing anyway, I have a lot to learn! 😉


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